These are my just having fun training tips

  1. Challenge yourself but keep it fun
  2. Be yourself and don’t compare yourself with others
  3. Try something new every once in a while don’t get stagnant
  4. Include others in your training
  5. Keep it simple

Write it down

  1. When you write it down on paper you have a visual reminder of what it is you want to accomplish.
  2. Putting  a date on it will help you continue to work towards your accomplishment/goal.
  3. If it is a large goal write down the steps it will take to reach that goal.
  4. Then check them off one by one.
  5. Goal accomplished.
  6. Write down another goal.


  1. Finish the Quivering Quads 50K
  2. March 3rd 2019
  3. Start slowly ramping up running mileage
    1. run trails on weekends
    2. run long every other weekend
  4. Mission accomplished! Finishers Buckle!


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