• Certified Triathlon Coach “Ironman University”
  • Certified Stroke Analysis and Evaluation “Ironman University”
  • Edward Jones YMCA (Master  Swim Coach / Lifeguard)
  • Certified MAF Foundations (Maximum Aerobic Function)

About me

My coaching athletes started when my kids were competing in the Iron-Kids events. Working with 9 local kids that were traveling the US competing in these Iron-Kids events in many cities back in the early 90s. It was a great time working with these kids for 4 years.

My triathlon career as an age grouper started in 1988 – Present. In the past 10 years coaching several local athletes, setting up training plans and working with them to get started in the sport of triathlon. In those years I had no coaching certification. In 2016, I contacted Ironman University to enter the coaching program to achieve my certification and improve my coaching skills, taking it to the next coaching level to become a certified coach through Ironman University.

With 30 plus years’ experience in the sport and having the desire to enhance my education in the coaching aspect of the sport was important.

After two years as an assistant coach with Sally Drake Endurance coaching, started building my coaching business “IMCB Triathlon and Endurance Coaching LLC”.


My approach is that of the Ironman University coaching program and that is (Athlete Centered Coaching). Working directly with the athlete to create a plan to fit in with their work/family life balance. Provide expert knowledge, motivation and constructive criticism to help athlete achieve success. Provided Feedback and assess athlete’s needs, goals and abilities. The goal is to have the athlete Fit & Fresh for race day. This is a Matt Dixon coaching term I really like. “Fit & Fresh”

Motto – Just Having Fun

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