“YouTube” Slide Show Just Having Fun in the Grand Canyon

2011 solo run across the Grand Canyon and back (Rim2Rim2Rim in 16 hours)
My goal is to inspire others to take on that challenge you always wanted to do. It’s never to late to start living life.

At the age of 10 years old my father took me to the Grand Canyon for the first time. Looking across this breath taking hole in the earth thinking, WOW! it must take weeks to get across if it was even possible. Walking down the path with thoughts entering my  mind was is it possible. It stuck in my mind for many years. Over the years visiting the Grand Canyon I never got tired of it. At age 54 doing the research on others that had run it and reviewing all the logistics of how I could do it in less than 24 hours the plan came together to run it solo.

Fast forward to 2011.

Standing at the rim on that cold October day at 0330 am with my headlamp turned off I could not see inside canyon there was total blackness, but could feel the vastness of force coming from the bottom of the canyon.

It was a success on completing this run solo in 16 hours,  the journey was breathtaking and overwhelming.

There will be another journey to do this again someday.

Link to slide show of my journey.

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